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What is it with Prague and Czechoslovakia that they have a porn category of their own? Of the 296 countries in the world the only other one occasionally see is German porn but beyond that it’s cultures, ethnicities and so forth, not a county or even a city.

Are the girls really that loose, cheap and easy in Prague, because I doubt it. There really is only one way to be sure and that is to go visit the place oneself and that is why it is on my bucket list.

If you enjoy candid amateur porn then you will love this site, I certainly do. Where so many other sites claim it to be amateurs and then you can clearly see that it is models and pornstars, at this site it is not the case.

Not to be insulting but you should be able to even tell from the picture that it is much more likely to be the girl next door than a model, the difference is distinct.

So check out this sweet Czech Casting discount for 46% off and I’ll see you in the members area.

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