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What is it already with these porn scenes where they act like they are convincing girls in public, random strangers, to get fucked for cash. I mean I get the genre, that’s not what I’m asking. I’m asking why is it always in Prague? It’s like they are stuck on one genre, like they think they’re only ever allowed to create porn in this genre.

I remember the first time I discovered it though, i was still a youngster and completely naive as I thought it was real. I was fooled by so many genres claiming to be reality porn when they’re in fact all scripted. Casting porn too. In a way I wish I was still so naive because it was just so much hotter that way. Now, it’s up to me, like everyone else to allow to be taken away by the fantasy of it.

Get up to 45% off with a discount to Czech Streets, one of the classic sites of the genre as far as I understand.

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